Reiki Sanctuary 2021 – 4 months

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Commit in September and divide the cost over the 4 months.

A standalone “Reiki Sanctuary Gathering” for 2 sessions is €40

Sanctuary: A Sacred Space for You & Your Healing

Specially crafted reiki gatherings (for those initiated into the practice of reiki – any level & lineage) to guide you back to yourself as we navigate an ever changing world individually and collectively. Your healing matters, for all that have gone before and all who are yet to be known to us. This is a Space to Heal, Receive, Nourish, Tend to Your Inner World & Be With Others.

This is for you whether you are beginning a reiki practice, desire to get back on track or are a seasoned practitioner. The focus of these gatherings is to focus on your self healing and expand your capacity to hold space for what is arising for you at this time.

Designed in delicious LIVE gatherings which include reiki self practice meditations & practices, reiju, peer practice & discussion and Q&As with Roseleen who will guide you through every step.⠀

These Reiki Gatherings Were Crafted to support you

  • Have a regular time to practice and take time for yourself
  • A space for YOU to receive as more than likely you give a lot of yourself, time & energy already to others
  • To listen: you soul has so much to tell you, give it the space
  • In spaces of transition, navigating the space between, being with change and surrendering to the unknown.
  • Deepen your relationship to reiki whether you are just beginning or a seasoned practitioner, whether you practice for personal healing or work professionally
  • Hold space for the mystery as reiki weaves it magic with & on you!
  • Create a deep root system of support and soul nourishment.
  • To allow healing to happen
  • To connect to your source, your intuition and the voice within.
  • During the end of one chapter and being with uncertainity
  • Recognise your needs & begin to model what that looks like
  • Feel better resourced and centered if you are in struggle or overwhelm

“These gatherings has been such a huge support during a time of great uncertainty in my life and has helped me lean into the trust and deeper well of wisdom available once fear is embraced with Love. Roseleen’s meditations and reiki healing have created a ground of deep compassionate support that has felt like a warm blanket on a cold night. Feel deeply grateful for the virtual embrace that Roseleen has so generously gifted during this time”

– Justine